Pink paddle blades

Every padel player wants to look stylish when practicing this interesting sport. But unfortunately, it has never been easy to get good shovels, your favorite color and at good prices. So on this occasion, we will make your life easier by telling you which are the best pink paddle blades that you can buy right now.

If you were looking for paddle blades on offer,then you have reached the indicated place. In this article you will find the pink paddle paddle that you need to stand out in those intense games with your friends. eye! Remember that practice makes the teacher and that there is no point in having a good shovel if you do not practice padel constantly.

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Tips to choose a good paddle paddle

What types of pink paddle blades are there?

So that you can choose the pink shovel that best suits you, below we are going to tell you the three types of shovel that exist:

  • Pink shovels shaped like diamond or bigheads: This type of shovel is designed for players who want to play offensive,this is so, because the balance of the shovel is at the top. In addition, thanks to that balance, it makes them the blades with which you get more power. So, they are ideal for players looking for powerful punches and who are constantly finishing and flying near the net. Also, it should be noted that they are shaped like a diamond or inverted triangle and this usually makes the radius of hitting or sweet spot small. Finally, it is recommended that they are not too heavy for easy handling.
  • Pink shovels with round shape:These shovels are splendid for players looking to have a lot of control,thus obtaining a simpler and easier handling. Its balance is usually in the center of the shovel and this makes the sweet spot very wide. With this type of shovel you will get to have a great precision in the blows.
  • Pink shovels shaped like a teardrop or shaped like a drop of water: These are not as powerful as the diamond-shaped ones nor have as much precision as the round ones. With these shovels you will get an intermediate point. They are the most versatile shovels and that adapt to all types of players. Finally, they are the ones that have a more balanced power/control balance.

What material are the pink paddle blades composed of?

We can divide the materials into 2 zones, in the core area or in the rest of the blade:

The material in the core of the blade could be of 2 types:

  • FOAM rubber:It is the most classic of the 2 types of material, its composition is softer and more comfortable. In addition, it offers more output speed when hitting the ball, but its lifespan is shorter and it also reduces power.
  • EVA rubber: It is the most used currently, since, they have better control / power ratio and durability. With this rubber you get more power,but they are more inflexible or hard and with worse ball output.

The material of the rest of the blade can also be divided into 2 types:

  • Fiberglass:they are the heaviest and cheapest. In addition, its useful life, control and power is somewhat shorter.
  • Carbon fiber:they are the material that carry the best shovels,they make them lighter,but it also makes them more expensive. With this material you get longer duration, service life, power and control.

Why buy a rose paddle shovel here?

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Do not wait any longer and change that old shovel that does not give you good results! Remember that the best products are the first to sell out. The faster you buy your pink paddle shovel, the faster you will start to stand out in any court you reach.

Happy shopping!

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